Terms & Conditions


(Email us to recive the promo-code, email must include front and back of CAC card)


– Incorrect shipping address

Please ensure that your shipping address is correct before finalizing the order. If you have made a mistake, please email Team.onii.chan19@gmail.com. Please include the order number, name and correct shipping address within the body of the email.


If the package has been returned to us for incorrect address, we will email you to ask for the correct shipping address. We will re-ship it once as a courtesy. If returned again, we will ask you to cover the shipping cost.


– Refunds & replacement


We are not responsible for lost or stolen mail. If your order arrives damaged, please contact us for replacement. Sales are final, no refunds.


– Choice of shipping carrier



– How to Apply Decals

To ensure maximum life from your decals, please ensure the surface is cleaned and free of debris before applying. We recommend you apply your decals when the surface is cool.


If there’s any other questions that we haven’t answered, you’re more than welcome to contact us at Team.onii.chan19@gmail.com


- Have a nice day Onii Chan