GSC Saber Cuirassier is a Jaw Dropping Masterpiece… Plus the Best Butt Out There

Good Smile Company has stepped up its game in recent months with excellent figure offerings but this time, it’s going for the stars with their latest announcement which should blow the minds of every single otaku out there (yes, even those who aren’t into collecting) with its sheer awesomeness and insane engineering. This 1/8 scale figure of Saber from the celebrated anime, “Fate/Zero,” depicts her riding her personal vehicle, the Saber Motored Cuirassier while holding Excalibur at her side. Continue reading

figma Kyoko and Saber/Zero Previewed, Guess Which One I’m Excited For?

New figmas have been announced recently that should appease a lot of both these characters fans, although I’m not particularly fond of one of them for reasons which I shall torture you (translation: rant) with later. First off, the character which I really, really, reeeeeaaally admire, “Puella Magi Madoka Magica’s” Sakura Kyoko. Kyoko might not garner the same level of popularity as the other puella magi, but I found her backstory quite interesting and her voracious appetite very cute. Her exposed fang is of course, also one of her biggest selling points. The figma looks to be excellent again, and I’m sure that huge spear she holds will make for some pretty dynamic poses. I’m hoping there’s not much in terms of paint quality issues, but so far, the uncolored prototype is already an A++ for me. Continue reading

GSC Saber Lily Gets Re-release Much to the Delight of New Collectors


In a completely unexpected move, GSC is re-releasing arguably their most popular (and sought after) figure ever, the pure white knight, Saber Lily ~Distant Avalon~. While extra sales are sure to be expected from this, the timing of the release is quite awkward considerin that it has been 2 years since the figure has been released at with the “Fate/Zero” anime approaching, one would think that GSC would focus on that series. Anyways, this 1/7 beauty needs no further introduction as she’s been featured almost everywhere to the delight of owners and misery of those who weren’t able to get her cheap. She comes out swinging her swords in January 2012 for a relatively positive price of 9800 yen. Don’t miss this second chance at getting her!