Team Onii-chan! Figure Panel Discussion at Collecticon 2011!!! (Parental Guidance is Allowed)

Pardon us for the lack of updates and posts these past few days. Collecticon 2011 was a very busy and quite exhausting convention which left our hands tied with other stuff, including the blog. However, our latest stint at Collecticon did hopefully help spread the goals and vision of Team Onii-chan! as a whole and this in turn will lead to more active updates and events in the future. The best part of Collecticon 2011? Of course, our one of a kind panel discussion that only the craziest and most animated crew of figure collectors can provide. To keep you up to speed with who’s who speaking, here’s the entire lineup of those who made bellies shake and jaws sore in laughter:

Scale figures – Onii-chan
Nendoroids – kai
Articulated figures – Murakami Night
Ero figures (special mention) – ASH

Again, we would like to thank Hobbiworx and Pinoy Toy Kolektor for giving us the opportunity to take part in Collecticon 2011 and we are definitely most interested in working with them again in the future.