Gundam AGE MG Kits Announced, Design Still Sucks

This October will bring new anime for otaku to watch and toy manufacturers to… well, sell a bunch of stuff to make people poor. On such show is the newest installment in the long-standing Gundam franchise entitled, “Gundam AGE.” Unlike previous shows though, “AGE” looks like one of those Saturday morning kiddie shows where no one dies and everybody sees sparkling fireworks while riding a childish robots, in short, not good at all. Continue reading

MG Nanoha!? Surely You Jest

With its amazing array of mecha-like beam attacks and over-the-top explosions, “Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha” has deservedly carved itself the name of “Gundam of mahou shoujo”; none of this more true than in its lead character, Takamachi Nanoha, who in her excessively violent presence on screen has taken on the personas of Amuro Ray and Kira Yamato all in one. Continue reading

Another MG Unicorn Gundam Rehash… *sigh*

The latest issue of Gundam Ace magazine reveals Bandai’s penchant for tireless mold reuses, almost as ancient as themselves, with another impending release of the overhyped, overused and soon to be overpriced MG Unicorn Gundam this time in its radioactive puke green Full Armor configuration. Apart from the Godzilla green psycoframe, the kit will also include the highly recognizable missile pods and overkill guns of this Unicorn on steroids. Being a Ver. KA release, expect this kit to also come with a barrage of Katoki decals, which depending on the severity of your masochistic need to dress up your mecha in military stickers, may or may not be up your alley. So far, no release date or price mentioned yet though I’m guessing this one doesn’t go for cheap.

Image taken from Cybergundam.