GSC’s Ultimate Madoka Fires a Godly Arrow Straight to Your Collection

With excellent product offerings throughout the year, Good Smile Company has certainly laid its stake as one of the premier figure companies today. As if their current onslaught of high quality figures wasn’t enough, the popular manufacturer has just announced pre-orders of what looks to be the most visually impressive figure of 2012. Featuring the titular character of the acclaimed “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” series, this figure of Kaname Madoka in her Ultimate form is simply a breathtaking sight to behold. Continue reading

Nendoroid Sakura Kyoko Pre-orders Start, Satisfy Your Appetite for Her Now!

Good Smile Company has finally announced the last Puella Magi to complete their “Madoka Magica” Nendoroid lineup who is none other than the crimson apple-muncher, Sakura Kyoko. Continue reading

Hobby Japan January 2012 Scans (Max Factory Luka WOOT!!!)

The latest scans from Japan’s highly respected hobby magazine, Hobby Japan, have just come out and as usual, oodles of new figures to look forward to are once again in the spotlight. This issue seems to be much more interesting than the last two were, particularly due to the presence of very recognizable characters most otaku identify with.

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Sayaka Miki Joins the “Madoka Magica” Nendoroid Line, Has 8 Swords to Skewer Your Pre-order List

Due to the surge of activity we’ve had this past week, we’ve fallen behind somewhat on the latest figure news, but not to worry, we’re back on track. Besides the Tomoe Mami scale figure announced last week, another “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” figure has turned up for pre-orders which should also prove to be quite popular. The azure sword-wielder Sayaka Miki is the latest mahou shoujo to be included in the ever growing line of Nendoroids from GSC. Continue reading

GSC Tomoe Mami Struts Her Guns (and Saimoe Title) to Your Figure Shelf

Saimoe 2011 champion and leading proponent of physically gifted mahou shoujo, Tomoe Mami, is now joining the ranks of Good Smile Company’s scale figure lineup, along with the previously announced Kaname Madoka and Akemi Homura of “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” fame. Continue reading

“Madoka Magica” Trilogy Films Confirmed, All Hail the Goddess!!!

Newtype magazine just revealed that there would be a new “Fate/Zero” project in the works, but an even bigger announcement from the respected source is that there will be a trilogy of films for the blockbuster mahou shoujo anime, “Puella Magi Madoka Magica.” Continue reading

Spotted: Bootleg Nendoroid Madoka (DO NOT BUY!!!)

Just hours ago, I was casually strolling along at a mall in Makati, waiting for the assigned time of my job interview (why the interview despite today being a holiday, I don’t know). Anyways, there was a toy store there that I happened to chance upon and being the collector that I am, I entered the store and immediately saw the stack of “Nendoroids” in one corner. “Nendoroids,” because this store was a notorious importer of less than desirable bootlegs that cost 1/4 the price of a regular, genuine Nendoroid. What surprised me more though was the presence of Nendoroid Madoka bootlegs that frankly speaking, took me aback, not because they were bootlegs, but because they arrived a bit sooner than expected. Come to think of it, it’s only reasonable to think that scheming and unscrupulous pirates would take advantage of the popularity of “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” while it’s still hot in the public eye.
Even more surprising is that apart from the regular Madoka, even the Wonder Festival exclusive School Uniform Ver. was pirated already. Considering the mold for this one’s harder to acquire I must assume, it’s even more amazing that this one was also bootlegged already even before the online shop release. Anyways, Team Onii-chan! does not support these bootlegs in any way, form or manner. This is just a warning that if you’re planning to buy a Nendoroid of the Goddess, keep your eyes peeled (check the plastic quality, the price, etc.) to avoid buying one of these and contributing to some Chinese bootlegger’s bank account.

Anime Festival Asia 2011 Exclusive Goods Make Me Jelly

November is just around the corner and that means lucky people who so happen to be in Singapore on the 11th to the 13th will finally be able to experience the joy that is Anime Festival Asia 2011 (AFA 2011). Of course, being one of those unlucky ones to be stuck here in the Philippines, I’m jelly as hell, not only because of the special guest appearances (May’n, LiSA, FLOW, etc.) and of course the much anticipated booths of Good Smile Company and Kotobukiya, but also because of the limited edition AFA-only merchandise by notable character goods companies like Cospa and Muse, Continue reading

Nendoroid Menma Makes Me Cry Tears of Joy, Casper Ain’t Got Nothing on Her

I’m not a Nendoroid collector and I don’t plan on becoming one anytime soon. In fact, I only have one Nendoroid as of the moment and that’s because I’m a mega fan of Madoka, but that’s it. However, seeing this Nendoroid of the lovable specter, Menma, from the surprise hit anime, “Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai” or “Ano Hana” in short, I’d have to admit that this made me rethink about my hardline stance on collecting these anatomically ignorant figures, and for good reason. Menma has got to be one of the cutest Nendoroids made (or about to be) so far. Yes, I know the word “cutest Nendoroid” has been thrown around a lot, but Menma actually makes a good case for herself as she perfectly captures the heartwarming image she presented in the anime. Continue reading

Hobby Japan December 2011 Scans (OH GOD, YES SHISHIO!!!)

Another Hobby Japan issue, another round of figures to salivate upon. Scans for the December issue of Japan’s foremost hobby collectors’ magazine don’t quite reach epic levels, but compared to last month’s downright boring announcements, these ones are much more excitable. Continue reading

“Mami no Dokidoki Tiro Finale” Game Coming to Smartphones, Which Platform? I Don’t Know


Bandai Namco Games looks to stamp its domination of the anime game industry with its latest announcement of a smartphone game based on “Puella Magi Madoka Magica’s” Tomoe Mami and her signature finishing move, Tiro Finale. Continue reading

Collecticon 2011 Event Report (No Need For Parental Guidance Here)

Even though we’re looking forward to our next display at AME Monogatari next month, our presence at Collecticon 2011 was no slouch at all means whatsoever. In fact, given the limited space, we still managed to put up a great display with a good mix of old favorites and stunnin new releases. Continue reading

figma Kyoko and Saber/Zero Previewed, Guess Which One I’m Excited For?

New figmas have been announced recently that should appease a lot of both these characters fans, although I’m not particularly fond of one of them for reasons which I shall torture you (translation: rant) with later. First off, the character which I really, really, reeeeeaaally admire, “Puella Magi Madoka Magica’s” Sakura Kyoko. Kyoko might not garner the same level of popularity as the other puella magi, but I found her backstory quite interesting and her voracious appetite very cute. Her exposed fang is of course, also one of her biggest selling points. The figma looks to be excellent again, and I’m sure that huge spear she holds will make for some pretty dynamic poses. I’m hoping there’s not much in terms of paint quality issues, but so far, the uncolored prototype is already an A++ for me. Continue reading

GSC 1/8 Akemi Homura Sneak Peak!

 Possibly the most popular and sought after of them soon-to-be-witches Magical Girls, Good Smile Company has finally shown the colored prototype of Akemi Homura’s 1/8 scale figure after they have just recently opened pre-orders GSC 1/8 Kaname Madoka making this badass time traveler as the second Puella Magi scale figure in the line-up. Continue reading

Hobby Japan November 2011 Scans

It’s nearing the end of the month which means that the new Hobby Japan issue is now ready to terrorize collectors into spending more of their blood, sweat and cash to get more of these plastic ladies. Whether you’re a Nendoroid fanatic, a figma fan boy or a scale figure savant, there’s a little bit of something for everyone here.
20110922-020609.jpg Continue reading

Urobuchi Not Yet Done With Madoka, QB Not Yet Done Making Contracts


An audio commentary by head writer Gen Urobuchi, played during the ending credits of the final “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” Blu-ray/DVD volume, suggests that the said anime classic may not yet be over and that magical troll QB might be making more contracts in the future Continue reading

Team Onii-chan! at The Best of Anime 2011 Day 1

Day 1 of The Best of Anime 2011 has just closed its chapter and along with it, Team Onii-chan’s display event for the said event. While the crowd was not at par with that of Otaku Expo 2011’s or the display area as well-protected, the convention was still enjoyable and full of energy as the team continues to build its reputation for being the most active and fan-friendly anime toy collecting community in the country today. As always, here’s some shots that I’ve taken from both the event and our totally awesome display. Continue reading

Figure of the Month August 2011: Nendoroid Kaname Madoka

After a convincingly lopsided beat down of the competition, one figure stood out (big)head and shoulders above the rest. None of the figures in August shone as bright as Good Smile Company‘s Nendoroid Kaname Madoka and it’s easy to see why. Continue reading

Vote for Team Onii-chan! Figure of the Month – August

It’s that time of the month again where we vote for the figure that defined the previous month; the figure that absolutely ruled the roost and brought more hysteria and mass excitement to the masses. The following nominees were chosen based on factors such as popularity, build excellence and sheer attractiveness. Team Onii-chan! brings you the top 3 nominees for our Figure of the Month contest for August 2011.

Voting is open for all (yes, that includes you).

Good Smile Company Nendoroid Kaname Madoka (Puella Magi Madoka★Magica)

1/8 Hobby Japan Hakurei Reimu (Touhou Project)

Good Smile Company Nendoroid Cirno (Touhou Project)

Voting will start today, September 6, 2011, and will end at 12 midnight on Wednesday, September 7. We shall crown the “Figure of the Month” on the same day. Let the battle for August 2011’s “Figure of the Month” begin!


This is only a fun contest run by us on a monthly basis to know which figure our readers feel deserve to be posted as “Team Onii-chan’s Figure of the Month” and is by no means, an official statement by us saying this figure is better than others.

C3xHOBBY Event Roundup: Same Old, Same Old… Only In Technicolor

Unsatisfied with the semi-annual monetary carnage brought about by Wonder Festival, figure manufacturers have once again brought out their wares for future consumption. However, unlike WonFes, C3xHOBBY seems more like a minor technicolor preview of already featured goods, rather than the major blockbuster wallet beat down we’ve come to expect. There won’t be comments on most of the figures, except those with undesirable stuff to note of (like release dates and if available, price) as we’ve covered them already in the previous Wonder Festival coverages. More pics after the break… Continue reading

Oh Madoka, How I Love Thy Wide Face, Nendoroid Release Tomorrow

Mikatan Blog, which has apparently turned into every figure otaku’s favorite stalking ground, has unthinkably made me reach the Olympian apex of unbridled bliss with its latest photos of the soon to be released Nendoroid Kaname Madoka. Continue reading

Hobby Japan October 2011 Scans

The October 2011 issue of hobby-institution and soothsayer of otaku poverty, Hobby Japan, reveals upcoming figures to watch out for in the coming months and as always a certain Madoka never fails to make what is now a necessary appearance, along with her Newtonian demon kitty, QB.
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