AGP Laura Bodewig Ready for Launch

The flag of Germany flies in the sky as Laura Bodewig from the mecha-musume anime “Infinite Stratos” sorties out in her Schwarzer Regen courtesy of Bandai with their Armor Girl Project [AGP] line.

Laura’s Schwarzer Regen is definitely bringing the heat with her railgun making her a formidable opponent at long ranged. Even if the opponent gets close to her, she can still deal her opponents with her beam sabers/spears generated through her hands. With the revelation of this, you can expect the others to follow suit.


Laura Bodewig in her Schwarzer Regen will be available by August of 2012 with the cost 7800 yen.


Infinite Stratos First Launches with Cecilia Alcott

Bandai who just had their Tamashii Nation 2011 Event showed us many things that made us jelly. And one of them is from the Mecha-Musume Anime Infinite Stratos, and they first launch out Cecilia Alcott in her IS Blue Tears. Continue reading

BQ Double IS Previews – Britain VS France

More and more Figures are coming to light and showing some colored previews. Now after the main girl was shown, it’s time to release two other girls from the Mecha Musume Anime Infinite Stratos to be included in WAVE’s Beach Queens line. It’s Britain’s Cecilia Alcott and France’s Charlotte Dunois. Continue reading

Alter Previews Charlotte Dunois Figure, Reminds Us Why France is Awesome

With a plot as simple as “Infinite Stratos’,” one would think that it would just recede into the annals of unmemorable anime titles, but surprisingly, it has its share of fans who simply don’t care that much for a story as long as they get their fill of mecha battles, moe girl stereotypes and gratuitous fan service, all of which “Infinite Stratos” has in spades. Of the bevy of attractive 2D women in the series, none perhaps are as popular as the once cross-dressing, supremely moe representative of France, Charlotte Dunois. Alter is capitalizing on her widespread popularity with a figure release that caters not to her considerable skill in piloting an IS, but to her unparalleled cuteness, featuring her in a Noah Jersey (hey don’t kill me for the translation, blame it on Google) and flashing her trademark smile. Continue reading

WF Summer 2011: Alter

Alter has long been my favorite figure company and it’s only fitting that the first WF 2011 Summer post I write is dedicated to their offerings. Compared to past WF displays, this one’s quite a tame outing for them as none of the featured figures are on a grand and epic scale, but nonetheless, they are all solid and well-executed pieces as we’ve come to know from Alter.

Continue reading