ques Q Kirino Possibly the Best One Yet, Onii-chans Worldwide Scramble to Buy Her

Being a relatively new figure manufacturer, ques Q certainly has the odds against them succeeding in the business, but with the meticulous attention to quality and mystique of being a low-key name, they’ve slowly but surely captured the attention of most figure otaku. They’ve certainly made a believer out of me, and with their latest announcement of a Kousaka Kirino Swimsuit Ver. figure that blows anything that the competition has offered so far, it won’t be long before they make it into the mainstream consciousness. Continue reading

“Ao no Exorcist” Movie Slated For Next Year, More More Demon Slaying Awaits


Following the announcement that “Blood-C” will be getting a movie next year, likewise, another anime identified with a katana-wielding hero will also be getting a similar theatrical treatment. “Ao no Exorcist” has undoubtedly been one of the more popular and successful shows this year, even if I have much to complain against it (pacing issues, faithfulness to the manga, art inconsistencies to name a few). Why so popular? Well, for one the story isn’t boring and the characters are likeable, while still having their little distinct quirks (Mephisto comes to mind). Anyways, the November issue of the Jump Square magazine, where the “Ao no Exorcist” manga currently runs, confirmed the news so at least we know that its real. Am I lookin forward to it? Not sure, though I can tell you I’m more excited for this one than the “Blood-C” movie. No release date has been given yet, but it’s safe to say this will be out next year.

“Blood-C” Getting A Movie Next Year, Tries To Salvage The Borefest


This year’s collaboration of CLAMP and the “Blood” franchise, “Blood-C,” has not exactly turned out well, with fans criticizing the lackadaisical storytelling bordering on outright boredom. The art is often beautiful, as expected from CLAMP, but the gory symphony and the plot discord just leaves an unpalatable level of dissatisfaction and disappointment, which is probably why a movie announcement for the anime puzzles me so much. For a show that’s received the backlash it has gotten, the production crew simply said “oh screw the public” and went to work on a movie. Optimism? It’s bound to receive little or none at all. Anyways, those who’ve stuck with the show despite its sleep-inducing properties can look forward to the movie which will premiere on June 2, 2012.

Gift Sonico Gothic Maid Unapologetic For Its Ecchiness


Nitroplus’ sultry mascot, Sonico, has gotten quite the press lately, mostly due to the waves of figure releases of hers’ being announced. Gift continues the assault as they’ve announced a 1/6 figure that’s sure to contend for the ecchi-est Sonico crown. Continue reading

Nendoroid Gumako and Petit Prisma Illya Released

Nendoroid #200: Gumako is scheduled to be released today. Yesterday, Mikatan posted a review post of this nendoroid.

Simultaneously, Nendoroid Petit Prisma Illya was released yesterday. She was bundle with Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 2WEI vol. 4.

More pictures after the break Continue reading

Makaizou (NSFW)

What the hell is Makaizou? Few days ago, I had a conversation with some e-mailer, and in that conversation he was asking me about Saber Lily’s cast-off feature. But the thing is, Saber Lily does not have a cast-off feature. Still the guy insisted and even showed me a picture of Saber Lily’s cast-off feature.

(Some NSFW pics ahead)

A Rant Against Otaku Injustice (Arrghh Bring AFA Over Here!!! Edition)


Pound for pound, Filipinos are probably some of the most die-hard otaku around, and yet we’re still shortchanged when it comes to exposure on the global otaku scene, apart from a certain She-Who-Must-Not -Be-Named and her legion of delusional servant fan boys. Anime Festival Asia 2011 stands to be one of the biggest international events of the year and yet, it’s never leaving the shores of the Merlion (Singapore for the uninformed). To compound our wrath even further, a recent announcement that a Vocaloid concert will be held at AFA 2011 just bluntly outlines the incredible injustice that we have to sorely accept. Heck, I want an AFA event here, with all the international companies like Bandai and GSC, the to-die-for meetings with seiyus, the Anisong singers I admire, and yes, even the technologically impressive and magical Vocaloid concert that we might never have, even if I’m not the biggest Vocaloid fan by a long shot.

For those with deep pockets to fly over to the land of “(insert sentence here) Lah,” Anime Festival Asia 2011 will be held at the Suntec Convention and Exhibition Hall from November 11-13, 2011. Meanwhile, I’ll just rage here with a cantakerous temper like an unwanted %#*$!!

GSC Akemi Homura Will Shoot Your Savings Clean

Blogger Mikatan did some time travelling and today seems to be a good time to preview the 1/8 scale from Good Smile Company of our Kyubey-hating Mahou Shoujo Akemi Homura from the Anime Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica.
Continue reading

Kotobukiya Hayane is Uninspired, Basically Blanc Neige in Black


Kotobukiya has quite a history of recoloring previously released figures and launching them as new ones, and their latest announcement is just one of them. From the game “Shining Hearts,” Urayukihime/Hayane could at first be labeled as a Blanc Neige lookalike and such claims are justifiable.

Continue reading

Alter X HJ Yagyu Jubei Swimsuit Ver. Gets A Snowy White Re-release, Ero Hunters Drool


When Alter’s (in collaboration with Hobby Japan) Yagyu Jubei Swimsuit Ver. was first released a year ago, it caused a string of rioters screaming proclamations of “EVIL!” everywhere, and with good reason. Continue reading

Preview Nendoroid Menma is Pure Cuteness

Searching things like other things, I’ve discovered some pics regarding a Nendoroid of a certain specter from the anime Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai and it’s none other than Honma Meiko aka Menma.
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Galileo Galilei’s “Asu e” to be Gundam AGE’s Opening Theme

Galileo Galilei, the Japanese rock band popularly responsible for “AnoHana’s” opening theme, is confirmed to be performing the upcoming series’, “Mobile Suit Gundam AGE,” opening theme as well. The news came from the band’s web site and this will be their 6th single. The song is entitled, “Asu e” and will be released as a CD single on December 7. However, prior to the CD release, the song will also be available as a mobile phone ringtone and as a downloadable file for PCs (for Japan residents only I guess). The limited edition Gundam version of the CD will include a “Gundam AGE” sticker, the TV edit of the song, and other extras. For a preview of the song, be sure to watch this week’s episode of “Ao no Exorcist” as it is said that there will be a short promo video for the anime after the ending credits.

The Making of Mami Tomoe

Update: This is a heavily delayed post due to some issues with Imageshack’s f***ing “domain unregistered” issue, preventing my images from being displayed. I just managed to find time to manually upload these images, sorry.

Warning: Picture-heavy post ahead!

The display event held by the Team Oniichan crew in the recently held Otaku Expo 2011 in SM Megamall Megatrade Hall last September 3 and 4 was definitely a success. We all had fun overlooking our figures and enjoying what the convention has to offer. You can check out our members’ event related blogs for more wacky and awesome pictures.

I haven’t posted in the last two weeks since I was too busy finishing up this particular project. And thanks to the encouragement and moral support my brother and crewmates in Team Oniichan gave, she was able to make her successful debut just in time for the event. (I brought her to the ingress with the paint on her muskets still wet, haha!)

I am talking about the garage kit of Mami Tomoe. I am not really a die-hard fan but I do like her enough to make me immortalize her in a customized garage kit displaying an “alternative ending”. If you watched the anime, you should know what I am talking about.

I admit that this is not the best rendition of Mami but I did gave my best in making her. Besides, it’s still soothing to know that I have that only version of her in the whole world :D

In any case, I will just take this time to shed some light on how she came to be. How was she made? I’ll provide some brief explanations and pictures along the way so you won’t get bored.

How do you like them guns?

Main Figure

First off, I needed a base figure. I scoured the on-stock items of the site I usually order from and this particular kit captured my attention instantly. The pose, the uniform and the penguin immediately gave me the idea on how Mami will probably look like. Continue reading

Garage Kit 101: Paints

Welcome guys again for another long delayed episode of Garage Kits 101. It’s more than a month since I last posted something about this supposedly “weekly” blog series so I hope I can fill you in more about garage kits, especially those who were curious or wanted to try this hobby out.

Paints. I received a few questions about this a lot, especially from curious, fellow collectors. I personally use Tamiya acrylics, Tamiya Enamels and Bosny spray paints for my work. This week, I’ll try discussing the different types of paints and how they help you create masterpieces from dull, plain plastics.

Paint Types

Knowing the type of paint you’re using is very important. It will save you time, effort and resources by doing it right and not by repairing/repainting your kit because you used the wrong choice of paints. You can use any paint type; you just need to know when and how. There are three main paint types used by modelers: Lacquer, Acrylic and Enamel. The properties in green text indicate the “pros” while the red are the “cons”


Image courtesy of: Naritafamily.com

  • Quick drying and curing*
  • Adheres to most surfaces excellently
  • Forms a tough layer once cured.
  • Recommended for air brushing
  • Not recommended for hand painting (unless mixed with leveling thinner)
  • Very toxic
  • More expensive Continue reading

Team Onii-chan! Will Be At Collecticon 2011!!!

As part of Team Onii-chan’s vision to conquer the world… I mean, spread the joy of figure collecting to the Philippine otaku and toy communities, we are once again making ourselves present in another highly anticipated event. This time, we’re taking ourselves and our beloved figures to Collecticon 2011 at the Robinson’s Midtown Mall from October 8-9. Whereas previous conventions we joined were focused on the otaku community at large, this time, we’re reaching out to general toy collectors to literally inform and share with them our addictive Japanese figure hobby. Of course, we’ll also be displaying some of the latest and greatest figures to come out of the shed, but please also do attend our “little talk” (which we’re still discussing on how to go about it) about Japanese collectibles (sched to be posted later). Once again, we’re inviting you to our figure display at Collecticon 2011. We hope to see you all there! :)

Movic 1/8 Kanzaki H. Aria … LOCK and LOAD!!

Aria Holmes Kanzaki of the Action-Comedy series Hidan no Aria is now up for you to click those preorder buttons. This trigger freak girl is still so cute on her action pose…. That you will forget she’s an “Assault” department elite rank S.

My problems with this fig, the hair is so static, Aria moves so much in the series, so Movic should add more motion on her hair…and also they should add some accessories like kodachis (undersized Japanese swords), because Aria is not “QUADRA” if only two weapons are present…. :)

She’s pointing her favorite M1911 pistols to remind us that you can order her for a price of 6800Yen and will be released this November.

Animate Girls Festival Figure Previews (Lots of Manjuice Here)

The ongoing Animate Girls Festival has provided noteworthy previews, especially for those who are not infected by a curious aversion to testosterone-carrying characters and/or have a somewhat creepy emotional connection to them. Continue reading

RD Strike Rouge IWSP Not For The Unfabulously Cashless


Bandai continues its milking assault with another variant release that’s sure to irritate Robot Damashii fans even more. Their latest Tamashii Web Shop exclusive, the RD Strike Rouge IWSP, merges Cagalli Yula Athha’s fabulously pink Gundam with the bulky IWSP weapons pack for a supposedly fearsome combination. Continue reading

Orchid Seed Bondage Sonico Gets Re-release, Ero Otaku Weep For Joy

Nitroplus’ busty moe idol, Sonico, has gotten quite a lot of figures recently despite her lack of exposure among the masses, owing her popularity more to her attractive character design and musical prowess more than anything. Orchid Seed’s Bondage Ver., in my opinion, is her unquestioned best figure as of the moment (as proven by the ridiculous secondary prices she now commands) and luckily, those who weren’t able to get her the first time around have a second life as the said manufacturer will be releasing her again, this time in a fresh candy pink color. Continue reading

GSC 1/8 Akemi Homura Sneak Peak!

 Possibly the most popular and sought after of them soon-to-be-witches Magical Girls, Good Smile Company has finally shown the colored prototype of Akemi Homura’s 1/8 scale figure after they have just recently opened pre-orders GSC 1/8 Kaname Madoka making this badass time traveler as the second Puella Magi scale figure in the line-up. Continue reading

Hobby Japan November 2011 Scans

It’s nearing the end of the month which means that the new Hobby Japan issue is now ready to terrorize collectors into spending more of their blood, sweat and cash to get more of these plastic ladies. Whether you’re a Nendoroid fanatic, a figma fan boy or a scale figure savant, there’s a little bit of something for everyone here.
20110922-020609.jpg Continue reading

New HUNTERxHUNTER Anime OP and ED Themes Revealed, Artists Relatively Unknown


The decision to remake the “HUNTERxHUNTER” anime as opposed to continuing where it had previously left off will be a controversial issue among fans but for now, some additional tidbits regarding the new show. Based on reports, the new opening theme for the show is entitled, “departure” which will be sung by Ono Masatoshi of little known band, GALLERYUS. As for the ending theme, it will be sung by the likewise unfamiliar band, Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas. The title of the ending theme is “Just Awake“. Other than the song titles, no other information about their respective CD releases have been given.

The new “HUNTERxHUNTER” anime will premier on October 2, 2011.

RD Unicorn Gundam Full Action Ver. Release Around The Corner, Bandai Milks This Horse Again

Bandai’s no stranger to releasing new versions of previously done suits or characters in the name of “improvement,” but is really meant to cover up the crap job they’ve done on the first release. This was true for many of their toys, such as the S.H.FiguArts Kamen Rider Decade, Den-O Strike Form, to name a few. The Robot Damashii Unicorn Gundam Destroy Mode is most certainly now in that category as the new Full Action Ver. looks to correct the many flaws and inconsistencies that plagued the sordid, putrid (ok, maybe not) and butt-ugly first Unicorn Destroy Mode release. Continue reading