*UPDATED* Vote Your Pick For The New Face Of Team Onii-chan!!!

In order to have a better representation of Team Onii-chan!,  we finally decided to have a mascot who will be the face of the group. To decide on who our mascot shall be, we had a contest where our members designed characters they deemed fit the character of the entire group. The entire screening process culminates here! Vote for your pick as the new face of Team Onii-chan! Voting will end August 8, 6:00pm (GMT+8) and we will be posting the result here as soon as the tally is finished.

As we are aware of the fact that the majority of our members are not talented art-wise, we’ve decided to allow the use of an anime graphic generating program in order to motivate all our members to submit an entry. This is the reason why some of the entries are almost identical to one another. Please take note that what we’re after in this mascot-making contest is the originality of the character design and not the art style itself.

The winning entry will be completely redrawn by our official artist for some final adjustments which will fit the team’s interest before releasing the official mascot which will be used for advertisements and such.

Derogatory comments will not be permitted. Any comments seen or deemed of such nature will be blocked.

The poll question is located on the lowest part of this page to encourage everyone to browse through all of the entries. Only a maximum of 1 choice will be allowed. Due to suspected multiple votes in the poll held earlier we’ve decided to revise the voting process. Please browse through all the entries first. The new rules are found at the bottom of the page.

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Hobby Manufacturers Product Expo = Wallet Murder 2011

At the recent Hobby Manufacturers Product Expo held after Wonder Festival 2011 Summer, more closeups of announced figures were taken by several figure sites that prompted our attention. While most of these figures have already been featured before, we will be giving more information on the figures that have definite release dates based on what we found. Continue reading

Max Factory Figma Robocop….. Any Takers???

Well, what can I say? my memory of Robocop is way way too long ago… I believe I watched two movies of it when I was a kid (my dad is a big Arnold Schwarzenegger fan, did I spell his surname correctly?), maybe I was 5-7 years old that time. I have also tried playing the “super family computer” game of Robocop. And no offense meant to all Robocop fans, I honestly didn’t expect that figma will release a version of it… Continue reading