Alter’s Kaminagi Ryoko Sums Up The Disappointment That Was 2011

In what can be considered the pinnacle of Alter’s sorry disappointment of a year, the mighty figure manufacturer just announced pre-orders for their new 1/8 scale figure of Zegapain’s Kaminagi Ryoko, despite the fact that they’ve already released a previous figure of her in the f*ckin’ same clothes. Continue reading

Korean Vocaloid Unveiled, Makes Neko Fans Squeal

With the impending release of widely anticipated voice synthesizer “Vocaloid 3” around the corner, Korean maker SBS Artech looks to celebrate its release with the introduction of the first ever Korean Vocaloid, named SeeU. Continue reading

Alter Release Schedule for September 2011

Specific release dates for Alter’s September offerings have leaked out from credible sources within the supply chain even before the customary updates via Alter’s web site. After a very tame August, September looks to be a very busy month for the premium figure manufacturer, which will culminate in their highly anticipated (and divisive) release of beloved crabby tsundere, Senjougahara Hitagi. Continue reading

Max Factory figma Samus Aran Preview

To all the fans of the video game series “Metroid,” here’s a chance to have another figure of Samus Aran…. Figmatized….. :)

Sexy indeed. She’s just so awesome just from looking at the previews. Although GSC hasn’t confirmed her release yet, I’m sure they will because Metroid gamers will be sad if they will discontinue the release…. :(
I hope her powered armor would include beams and power missiles. With this very impressive figure, it’s guaranteed the Galactic Federation will continue to give her missions so Ridley and other Space Pirates better beware, because this hot chick will always hunt you down :)

No price and release date yet. Please don’t make this figure an exclusive one. :)

Celebrate Miku’s Birthday with a (Love is War) Y14k Figure!

Good Troll Smile Company 1/8 Miku Love is War Ver., ranked as one of the most wished anime figures in Tsuki Board Community is finally announced over at Mikatan’s Blog today. However, after a year long wait for the final announcement, fans are gravely enraged over the fact that the drop-dead gorgeous and holy grail-worthy figure is priced at a whopping Y14000 and is a GSC Online Shop Exclusive. Is she worth it? Read on to find out. Continue reading

e Jeuness Lolis May Be Unknown, But Who Cares?

The figure world is often rife with head-scratching anomalies that even the most seasoned collectors cannot account for. One of these anomalies, is e Jeuness’ (formerly listed under Clayz or T’s system — either way both niche’ manufacturers) Shantiti and Neige. Despite being of unknown origins and not even appearing in the standard profit-driven anime or manga, this set of underaged deliciousness has found popularity (and high market prices to the tune of 30000 yen) among collectors for both it’s exclusivity and the fact that well… they’re flat (in the figure laws of nature, little innocent lolis = apex predator). Thankfully, e Jeuness recognized this gastronomic need among pervert lolicon to get the set and released them in a 2011 recolored edition. The recolor may not be to everyone’s taste, but beggars can’t be choosers. Besides, lolis are lolis regardless of color tone. Shantiti and Neige 2011 is based on Twinkle’s original illustration and is sculpted by none other than the polarizing Takeshi Miyagawa. Pre-orders are currently being taken for them for an unholy price of 15000 yen. Hey, at least it’s not 30000!

Image taken from AmiAmi.

“Sekiranun Graffiti” Gets Worldwide Release, Miku One Step Closer to Global Reign

In what looks to be another step to her eventual global dominance, Oricon reports that Hatsune Miku’s new single “Sekiranun Graffiti” will be released digitally in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the United States (yes, the Philippines gets snobbed again) at the same time on August 31, 2011. The new single, which will also serve as the opening theme for the new “Hatsune Miku -Project Diva- extend” video game is composed by ryo with assistance from musician, Dixie Flatline. The vocals, of course, will be courtesy of the now iconic green twintailed virtual diva. Takahashi Yuichi, more popularly known as the character designer for Macross Frontier, meanwhile, will be in charge of the animation and direction of the new single’s music video.

MG Nanoha!? Surely You Jest

With its amazing array of mecha-like beam attacks and over-the-top explosions, “Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha” has deservedly carved itself the name of “Gundam of mahou shoujo”; none of this more true than in its lead character, Takamachi Nanoha, who in her excessively violent presence on screen has taken on the personas of Amuro Ray and Kira Yamato all in one. Continue reading

Sexy Nendoroid Miku Append gets previewed by Mikatan

Mikatan teased us today with these preview pictures of Hatsune Miku Append ver. Nendoroid. She looks so cute!

Here are some of the sample pictures taken:

She comes with a unique “append” base to prop her up! and her accessories consists of different hand parts as well as her “awakened ver” extras!

She’ll be up for pre-orders at August 31.

Good News and Bad News on Hobby Japan’s 1/8 Queen’s Gate Lili PVC

My first entry here in Team Onii-chan and I bring good news and bad news to Tekken/Lili fans/Queen’s Blade/Queen’s Gate figure collectors like me. Good news is, Hobby Japan would be releasing a figure of Lili. So if you are like me, then this is GLORIOUS! But… Continue reading

Griffon Shana Comes Back For More Candy Sweet Lovin’

Despite the overwhelming popularity of flame-haired tsundere, Shana, from the “Shakugan no Shana” franchise, there hasn’t been a lot of figures of her which can be labeled with adjectives such as excellent, great, exquisite, awesome or any other similar hyperbole to illustrate a must-have status. Max Factory released one in 2007 which can be called the definitive Shana to get but A) it’s a pain in the butt to scour for one and B) it’s beyond the reach of mere mortals who get by life by eating instant noodles. However, Griffon’s swimsuit-clad Shana, who seems to be in the mood for a day at the beach comes in at second. It’s not the ultra-sharp detailed wonder that the Max Factory one is, but it’s at least more than recognizable enough to be Shana and one could argue that the candy bright red hair of Griffon’s Shana trumps that of Max Factory’s. Even better, Griffon’s re-releasing this one too! You can get your very own beach loli this November for a half-decent price of 6500 yen.

Image taken from AmiAmi.

FINAL UPDATES: Otaku Expo 2011 Figure Display

As we near the week of Otaku Expo 2011, Team Onii-chan! would like to provide everyone, both those participating in our displays and regular con-goers, of the final updates regarding our preparation for the display we’ll be holding. We would like to thank all those who have decided to lend us their figures and support in this upcoming event. We hope all of you can attend and view the awesome lineup we’ve prepared. Now on to the updates and final reminders… Continue reading

C3xHOBBY Event Roundup: Same Old, Same Old… Only In Technicolor

Unsatisfied with the semi-annual monetary carnage brought about by Wonder Festival, figure manufacturers have once again brought out their wares for future consumption. However, unlike WonFes, C3xHOBBY seems more like a minor technicolor preview of already featured goods, rather than the major blockbuster wallet beat down we’ve come to expect. There won’t be comments on most of the figures, except those with undesirable stuff to note of (like release dates and if available, price) as we’ve covered them already in the previous Wonder Festival coverages. More pics after the break… Continue reading

Evangelion 3.0 Film Trailer Leaked, Asuka Goes Jack Sparrow

A new trailer of the eagerly awaited follow up to the new Evangelion movie series, entitled, “Evangelion Shin Gekijō-ban Q Quickening,” has surfaced on the interwebs, showing Asuka’s reinvention from beloved tsundere to someone who seems to have come from a rejected “Pirates of the Caribbean” script. Continue reading

Sentinel’s Stocking Shames Her Shimapan

The partner to the earlier announced Metamorphose Panty figure by pitifully obscure manufacturer, Sentinel, has finally been put up for pre-order. Stocking, the swash-buckling lolita sweets glutton, is featured here in her much lusted form only seen in 10 seconds of erotic transformation. Continue reading

Kotobukiya’s Black Magician Girl Makes You Remember Your Guilty Childhood Pleasures

Usually unspectacular Kotobukiya just announced pre-orders for the re-release of their spectacularly splendid Black (or Dark depending which side of the globe you’re in) Magician Girl from Egyptian card-slapping anime, “Yu-Gi-Oh!” Continue reading

Oh Madoka, How I Love Thy Wide Face, Nendoroid Release Tomorrow

Mikatan Blog, which has apparently turned into every figure otaku’s favorite stalking ground, has unthinkably made me reach the Olympian apex of unbridled bliss with its latest photos of the soon to be released Nendoroid Kaname Madoka. Continue reading

Ichiban Kuji BakaTest Gives You A Hideyoshi For X’mas

Stolen promotional shots found on Japanese image board, 2chan, reveal prize figure maker Banpresto’s plans to roll out an Ichiban Kuji lottery for hit anime, “Baka to Test to Shokanjuu,” which includes yet another figure of delightfully delicious trap and main attraction, Hideyoshi. Continue reading